My Curriculum Vita                                 PDF Version - March 2016

(Page Last Updated 9 March 2016)


December 2004PhD, University of Texas at Austin, Sociology   

December 1999MA, University of Texas at Austin, Sociology                                            

August 1997BA, Stony Brook University, Sociology, Cum Laude


  2. 2014 – Governors State University, Associate Professor in Anthropology and Sociology

  3. 2009 – 2014 Governors State University, Assistant Professor in Political and Justice Studies and Anthropology and Sociology

  4. 2006 – 2009Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, University of California – San Francisco

  5. 2005 & 2008Adjunct Professor, Department of Social Science/Creative Arts, Skyline Community College, San Mateo County, Calif.

  6. 2001 – 2008Adjunct Professor, University Extension Center, University of Texas at Austin


  8. 2016 –           UPI-GSU Union Grievance Officer

  9. 2015 – UPI - GSU Negotiation Team, Tier 1 Negotiator for Faculty

  10. 2012 – Program Coordinator, Anthropology and Sociology Program

  11. 2011 – 2015Vice President, Faculty Senate


  13. Public (Applied) Sociology; Gender and Sexuality; Social Psychology; Semiotics; Tobacco and Alcohol Marketing and Advertising.


  15. High-Impact Courses in general areas of inquiry, such as Gender & Sexuality; Race & Class; Social Psychology and Symbolic Interaction;

  16. Public Sociological Courses that include service learning and civic engagement components, such as Social Inequalities; Perspectives on Diversity; Corporate Influences on Politics, and; Social Movements; 

  17. Methodological Courses, such as Research Methods; Qualitative Research Methods; Interpreting Social Data; Research Methods For Professional Careers (SWOT Analyses; Marketing Analyses);

  18. Integrative Courses that focus on connecting skills and knowledge from multiple sources, such as Mentored Conference Attendance independent studies; Junior Seminar, and; Senior Capstone


Explore the embedded messages in tobacco-related images and text in social media (e.g., “tweets,” posts, and “selfies”) to understand how youth and young adults exchange both pro- and anti-tobacco information in gendered and sexualized ways. Partnership with University of Illinois Chicago Health Media Collaboratory.


  2. Books

  3. 2006Daniel K. Cortese, Ph.D. Are We Thinking Straight?: The Politics of Straightness in a Lesbian and Gay Social Movement Organization. New York: Routledge. 

  4. Refereed Journal Articles

  5. 2016Nan Jiang, Ph.D.; Daniel K. Cortese, Ph.D.; M. Jane Lewis, Dr.PH; and Pamela M. Ling, M.D., MPH.  “Booze and Butts: A Content Analysis of the Presence of Alcohol in Tobacco Industry Lifestyle Magazines.” Addictive Behaviors Reports, 3: 14 – 20.

  6. 2015              Daniel K. Cortese, Ph.D. I’m a “Good” Activist, You’re a “Bad” Activist, and Everything I Do is Activism: Parsing the Different Types of “Activist” Identities in LBGTQ Organizing.”  Interfaces: A journal For and About Social Movements, 7, 1: 215 - 246.

  7. 2011        Daniel K. Cortese, Ph.D.; Pamela M. Ling, M.D., MPH. “Enticing the New Lad: Masculinity as a Product of Consumption in Tobacco Industry-Developed Lifestyle Magazines.Men & Masculinities, 14, 1: 4-30.

  8. 2009        Daniel K. Cortese, Ph.D.; M. Jane Lewis, Dr.PH; and Pamela M. Ling, M.D., MPH; “Tobacco Industry Lifestyle Magazines Targeted to Young Adults.Journal of Adolescent Health, 45, 3: 268 – 80.

  9. 2008        Anne Landman, B.A.; Daniel K. Cortese, Ph.D.; and Stanton A. Glantz, Ph.D. “Tobacco Industry Sociological Programs to Influence Public Beliefs about Smoking.”  Social Science and Medicine, 66, 4: 970-81.

  10. Research Grants and Funding

  11. Funded

  12. 2015Research Subcontractor, “Content Analysis of Tobacco and E-Cigarette Use in Twitter and Instagram #Selfies,” $12,496.00.  Collaborating Institution: Health Media Collaboratory, University of Illinois, Chicago.

  13. 2014 – 15Undergraduate Research Program Grant, “Same As It Ever Was: Similarities Between E-Cigarette and Conventional Cigarette Advertising,” $1,000.00

  14. 2010 – 11University Research Grant, “Pilot Study on Anti-Circumcision Movement,” $3,000.00.